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Dining Room Eyemat

July 9, 2015

With the Dining Room carpet returned from conservation work in Norfolk we could finally get started on the new Eyemat.

An Eyemat is a printed (from high resolution photographs) replica of the original flooring, often so realistic that visitors think they are walking on the real thing!

Eyemat Photography low res

Above is a photo of the team from Eyemat digitally photographing the Dining Room carpet back at the very beginning of June. From these photographs the produced a number of printed samples, allowing us to choose the most accurate colour match. Once the best match was chosen they went away and printed our mat.

Eyemat in situ low res

On Monday this week they brought our brand new Eyemat and fitted over the original carpet in the areas where our visitors will walk. Beyond the rope barriers visitors will see the real Dining Room carpet.

Do you have a keen eye? You’d need one to be able to see where the Eyemat ends and the original carpet begins! Have a good look in the photo above.


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