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Looking Forward to 2015

January 9, 2015

We’ve been back at Cragside after our Christmas break since Monday of this week, so I thought maybe now would be a good time to look ahead at what we have planned for 2015.

The headline news will of course be the return of the Dining Room carpet from the textile conservation studio in Norfolk. We expect the carpet to return around the end of March, although it will not be unrolled any earlier than April 20th, after the school Easter holidays.

We are also having a new drugget made for the Dining Room (a drugget is the carpet that visitors walk on, which sits on top of the original carpet) which will involve the newly conserved carpet being photographed and the image printed on a room sized mat. This will mean that although visitors won’t be able to walk on the original, they will at least see all the work that has gone into conserving it.
When the company who will do the photography can fit us in will also have an effect on how soon the room can be completely reinstated. I’ll keep you updated as we know more details of this.

We will also get the Slave Girl back from her trip to America and London where she was loaned to take part in an exhibition on Victorian sculpture. We expect her to return in May to take up her usual position on the main stairs.

The property raffle last season raised almost £12,000 to put towards light control. We hope to have these new measures in early on in the season to improve the visitor enjoyment as well as the conservation of the collection.

I can’t think of any other planned works for 2015, although there will no doubt be some unplanned ones as we go through the year!


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