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Dining Room Carpet Update

December 29, 2014

You may remember a post earlier in the year about the conservation work which was about to take place on the Dining Room carpet. If you missed it then you can check it out HERE.

carpet full view

The carpet has now been at the Textile Conservation Studio in Norfolk for almost 10 months and as we’ve recently been down to see it being worked on and get a progress report, it seemed a good time to update you all on the work that has taken place so far and what is still left to do.

  • The first task for the conservation team at the textile studio was a through clean. The carpet had been extensively vacuumed front and back before it left Cragside, but a deeper wet clean and “tamping” (a process of agitation which loosens dirt caught deep within the pile) was needed. The team took time lapse images of this work being carried out which we hope to be able to share on the blog soon.
  • Old adhesive repairs made with shellac and latex have been removed.
some of the adhesive repairs removed from the back

some of the adhesive repairs removed from the back

  • conservation work has begun on the pile to catch in loose threads and make good any poor quality previous attempts at filling in the most worn sections. Where any previous repairs are unobtrusive and not causing any undue stress on the original carpet, the conservators have recommended that they be left. Initially it was expected that the carpet would require 10-15 different colours of yarn to be hand-dyed to match the carpet. The studio have now dyed yarns in more than 70 colours to suit the way the carpet has faded in different areas!
a few of the hand dyed yarns

a few of the hand dyed yarns

  • The underside of the carpet is having a new linen tape (about 4 inches wide) to stabilise the edges.

We are still hoping to have the carpet back at the end of March, although the full reinstatement of the room may not be for some weeks after that depending on our opening hours over the school holidays around then.


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