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Historic Photographs

March 18, 2014

As we’ve just opened for the season things at Cragside House have quieted down somewhat. The very early and late parts of the season generally get low visitor numbers and the conservation cleaning is finished. We get a little more breathing space, a chance to settle back into the routine of being open to visitors. Unfortunately being a little quieter also means there is a distinct lack of things to blog about. I thought maybe I’d share some images which I found hidden in the depths of our shared computer drive, some of which I haven’t even seen myself before.

The first of the ones I particularly want to draw attention to is this image taken in the Kitchen. It features Winifreda, Lady Watson-Armstrong (second from left) and her two children, Winny (fourth from right) and Will (first on left) in among a number of servants. I particularly enjoy the look on Winny’s face as she inspects the knife she’s holding. Definitely worth zooming in on!

Kitchen and staff

c.1906 judging by the age of Winny & Will

The second photo I wanted to show you was taken on the forecourt of the House, about the same date as the above photo in the Kitchen, features Winny with one of her horses being watched by her parents and some others in the porch. I just like it because it’s nice to see quite informal photos like that and to see the House being part of their family life.

House forecourt

Below is a gallery of the other images, click on each one for a larger version.


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