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The carpet has left the building…

March 5, 2014

On Thursday afternoon the carpet was finally rolled, after a bit of a pipe related debacle. The pipe was used to roll the carpet on, to keep it stable during transport. We originally ordered a pipe which turned out to be too large, so an emergency order for a smaller diameter of pipe went in, due for delivery on Wednesday. Predictably it didn’t arrive so a member of the regional building team, Phil, was dispatched to a builders merchant in Gateshead who had what we needed in stock.

Once the pipe had arrived Ksynia, the carpet conservator, her assistant Amy and two members of our team, Katherine and Felicity, spent the afternoon cleaning the reverse side of the carpet, layering acid free tissue paper and wadding into it and rolling it tightly. Then the rest of the House team and some of the Ranger team was enlisted to help with rolling the last 3 metres, wrapping it in its outer coating of Tyvek (a breathable but waterproof and rip-proof fabric) and bubble wrap. We then used lifting straps to carry it down the corridor to the main entrance ready for collection on Friday morning.

On Friday the transport company arrived just after 9am and we wheeled the carpet on scaffold trolleys to the van. Little did we know that was the easy bit, the hard work of getting the House ready for visitors the following day was extremely stressful!

Once the carpet and underlay was up, we found a couple of areas of the floor which needed attention. The first being a loose floorboard, which the building team sorted out. The second was a pair of Victorian sockets hidden under a floorboard below where the round Capstan dining table was positioned. Ksynia took measurements and will check the carpet to see whether there were holes or a patch in the carpet to allow access to them.

The most time-consuming task was traffic waxing the Dining Room floor. Traffic wax is a protective coating for high traffic areas, which obviously the Dining Room has never had before because it had carpet. Before the wax could go on the floor had to be washed and then left to dry completely. After the wax went on, it then had to be buffed before we could even begin to move the furniture back in.

I won’t go into all the other small jobs that added to the pressure, but there were many! We couldn’t have gotten it all done without the help from Dick and Phil of the regional building team and our regional conservator, John.

Below is a gallery of images from Friday, to show the transformation:


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