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Dining Room Carpet

February 27, 2014

We spent Monday morning emptying the Dining Room of it’s furniture in readiness for the removal of the carpet. The room looks enormous! The drugget, which is the sacrificial carpet that visitors walk on, was also lifted leaving only the original carpet in the room.


Ksynia, the conservator who will be working on the carpet when it goes away, arrived on Monday afternoon to begin cleaning the Dining Room carpet ready for it to be wrapped. The pile side of the carpet is being  thoroughly (but very carefully!) vacuumed to remove as much dirt as possible before it is wrapped and when it arrives at the conservation studio the other side will also get a thorough clean before conservation work can begin.

The carpet is being transported by a specialist transport company called Constantine which is the first choice for National Trust collection items, as they deal specifically in fine art and antiques. They are due to collect it on Friday, so before then it has to have its clean and be rolled & wrapped.

 That sounds simple -it’s not. The clean takes days, after which we need to roll it around a pipe for support and given that the carpet is 6m wide X 9m long, that is no mean feat. It’s made more difficult as it needs to be rolled pile side out so as not to crush the pile.

The roll will be something like half a metre or more in diameter and 6 metres long. There is much discussion on how we will actually move it! The options so far either involve a scaffold frame on wheels, or strapping it on to low trolleys. I dare say the method will evolve rapidly when we start to try things out. I’ll update you all next week with how it was eventually moved, and I’ll try to get some photos.

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