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Raffle 2014

February 21, 2014

Every year we join the National Trusts property raffle. For us it’s quite a good deal in that they will fund match what we raise selling tickets and then the total amount stays here on the property for use in whichever project we chose at the start of the season.

This year we will raise money for new window coverings for the show rooms in the house to replace the white nets. The new mesh sunscreens have already been installed in the Library and while they still control the visible light level, they also offer fantastic views of the landscape. Take a look at the photos below – the first is a side on shot of the fabric, then the others show how inconspicuous they are, you almost can’t tell they are there!

In recent years we have raised money for larger projects and had to raise the money over multiple seasons. This year I was really keen to come up with something that would be affordable within a single season. Of course the other benefit of a smaller project like this is that we don’t get tied up in the red tape of planning consent etc. We raise the money then can spend it and complete the project early the following season.


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