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and so it begins…

January 28, 2014

After a fairly quiet couple of weeks with nothing really to report, the House has become a hive of activity again this week. We have begun what is actually a fairly swift process to open the show rooms back up in readiness for the 2014 season.

Opening all of the show rooms (approx 33 rooms, some very large like the Drawing Room, but most of a more modest size) takes around 3 weeks. We started on Monday with some of the first ground floor rooms including the Butlers Pantry and Kitchen.

At half term, which for us in Northumberland is 15th-23rd February, almost the whole House will be uncovered, although only the Ground floor will be open. Usually we would still be working to open the House during Half term and up until the official start of the season in March. This year we’ve had to rocket through it a bit quicker as the 5 days between the end of half term and the beginning of the new season will be taken up with the removal of the Dining Room carpet as it goes away for 9 months of conservation work.

Tomorrow we will be opening up the Library. It’s a large room with many small objects, so it takes a bit of setting out. I’m going to try to take a photo every 30 seconds or so as we uncover it to make a quick slide show of the room getting back to normal.


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