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Lord Lucan?!

January 9, 2014

We came back on Monday for our first day back after a long Christmas break. The next few weeks will be spent catching up on the odd jobs and last bits of cleaning so that in a couple of weeks time we can begin to open up the rooms ready for the new season.

The first catch up job we did was a deep clean of the Scullery and Jigger Room, my least favourite rooms to clean. They are obviously part of the servants’ areas of the house and being functional rather than comfortable they have cold stone floors, tiled walls etc. They are cold and fairly unpleasant places to be.

Lord Lucan

Lord Lucan

We did have a little surprise when we were cleaning though. Felicity lifted a metal colander-type object and found a small piece of paper. On one side it had a printed picture of Lord Lucan and on the other, in blue biro, were the words “STILL missing Nov 74”.

STILL missing

STILL missing

This is very odd. Firstly, Cragside has no connection to Lord Lucan that I’m aware of and secondly it isn’t an old photograph, it has been printed on an inkjet printer and written on in blue biro.  So, why was one of our visitors carrying this around? And why leave it under a colander? Much intrigue. If you are the visitor who left it for us we’d love to know why!



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