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Working for the National Trust

August 5, 2013

Interviews for the Collection Supervisor role took place on Thursday and Friday of last week. From 73 applicants, 10 were interviewed and 1 applicant made the grade and has been appointed to the role.

 It’s always interesting when a job comes up here; the National Trust is a very sought after charity to work for among conservation and heritage graduates and post graduates. We get an enormous number of applications for every position, often from people willing to move across the country for an entry-level position just to ‘get in’ at the Trust.

I have one piece of advice for those applying to work for the Trust: Be genuine! So often we get applications from people who are only interested in the job for where it will get them in two years time. They have no real interest in the position beyond ‘getting in.’

The one’s who get jobs here are those, like our newly appointed Collection Supervisor, who have a real passion for the job they are applying for, enthusiasm for the job, not just the National Trust and most importantly are willing to get their hands dirty in this hands-on job.


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