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June 14, 2013

Cragside is a must-visit property at “rhodie time”. The thousand acre estate is covered in rhododendrons and azaleas in a range of colours which make a spectacular display around this time of year.

From the house, the view in all directions is rhododendrons, but the best way to see them is by driving round the estate. The 6 mile drive was built for carriages to drive round. It gave easy access to the lakes and walks on the top edge of the estate if visitors didn’t fancy taking one of the footpaths. The drive is lined with huge rhodies which put on a fantastic show in early June.

This year, due to the extended winter we’ve had, flowering was delayed by about two or 3 weeks, but finally we have colour!

Why not check out our Pinterest board, a celebration of all things Rhododendron!


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