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New Visitor Route in the Drawing Room

May 14, 2013

It has been an ambition of Katherine’s for some time to change the route of the druggets (the carpet on which visitors walk) in the Drawing Room to allow visitors to get right under the 10 ton marble inglenook.

On Monday that ambition came to fruition as new drugget was laid, giving visitors a new route through the room. Originally the route skirted along the right edge of the room, cut across the room about two-thirds of the way down and then took a diagonal path to the far left corner where there is a door to reach the Billiard Room.

Now the drugget heads right into the centre of the room in a straight line off the Gallery, turns right and heads down the centre of the room towards the fireplace where there is a large area to allow visitors to “mill about” and finally a small stretch to the door in the right hand corner.

Furniture Hokey Cokey

The room looking slightly chaotic!

Of course, a radical change in the layout of the drugget has also resulted in the need to radically change the display of the furniture in the room. We spent Monday with our regional curator looking through historic photographs and trying to replicate the layouts in the slightly smaller spaces we now have available.

Andrew (our Regional Curator) and Katherine (House Steward) doing a bit of furniture shuffling!

Less has need to go into storage than we thought might be the case, and we now have a provisional layout, which may be tweaked depending on visitor and volunteer feedback.


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