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Victorian Baking Days

May 9, 2013


Theresa - one of our volunteer cooks

Theresa – one of our volunteer cooks

On Wednesdays during the season we have a team of costumed volunteers slaving away in the Kitchen to show how to make some Victorian recipes.

Katherine (House Steward) found the recipes in several Victorian books, including Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. I’m going to write a post about Mrs Beeton soon, so I won’t go into detail about her now. The recipes were then slightly modified based on the ease of availability of the ingredients and how palatable they might be!

Yesterday two of the volunteer cooks, Jane and Joan, made “Singing Hinnies” and “Nice Plum Cake”. Chefs at Cragside’s Tea Room also make up a batch of each recipe so that visitors can have a taster too.

Singing Hinnies

Singing Hinnies

 “Singing Hinnies” were so named because when the fat melts during baking, it sizzled on the hot griddle and was said to be singing. Hinnie is a dialect word used in Scotland and the North of England as a term of endearment similar to “honey”.

I though it might be nice to include our recipe for “Singing Hinnies” in case any of you wanted to have a go yourselves:

  • 1lb Self raising flour
  • 3oz lard
  • 3oz butter
  • 4oz caster sugar
  • 3oz currants
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4pt milk

 In a mixing bowl rub the fat into the flour. Add the other ingredients.

Mix to a soft dough with the milk and egg.

Roll out and cut into rounds 1” thick.

Cook for 7-8mins each side on a griddle or in the oven.


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