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Clock Watch

March 18, 2013

Our Horological Conservator is Elliot Nixon. A horological conservator is someone who looks after and carries out necessary repair works on clocks. Elliot is based in Leicester so we only see him for an annual check and if we really need to have work done on one or more of the clocks.

 Last Tuesday was the annual check, so as a relatively new winder of clocks, I accompanied Elliot on his round to soak up any knowledge I could. It was very useful as I have had problems with the clock in the Bamboo bedroom. Elliot says it will soon be at a point where we must allow it to stop, but for now he’s shown me how to adjust the pendulum to make it keep time a little more accurately. At the moment it loses about 40 minutes a week, which is a lot!

Bamboo bedroom clock

Bamboo bedroom clock


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