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Cragside on Countryfile

March 8, 2013
Cragside Staff with Matt Baker

Cragside Staff with Matt Baker

You may have spotted little ol’ us on BBC’s Countryfile last Sunday (March 3rd). The delightful Mr Baker and a merry team of camera, lighting and production bods spent a day filming across the estate.

The crew came and placed a time-lapse camera in the Library to capture us uncovering the room and setting the display for the new season. Unfortunately the final programme only showed the tiniest few seconds of that footage. I’d barely recognised myself before I was gone!  Katherine did an interview with Mr Baker too, but the bulk of the footage was to do with the work going on outdoors.

Rangers, Volunteers and Foresters with Matt

Matt helped our Rangers, their volunteers and our Foresters to clear overgrown plants, trees and debris from the gorge, part of a programme which will go on throughout the year with the final aim of reopening the gorge to visitors.

Kate, Matt and the dream flag

Kate, Matt and the dream flag

Kate, our Events Co-ordinator, even managed to persuade Matt to do his own dream flag for an event that will be running throughout the season. If you’re visiting Cragside with your family during the easter holidays grab your DIY pack from the gift shop (£4.50 per family) and create your own flag design. Then head up to the labyrinth to find the tree hut where you can display your dream flag and be part of the Cragside dream.

Dream flags are based on the Himalayan Prayer flags which can be found strung along the mountain ridges of the Himalayas today and are used to bless the countryside. Lord and Lady Armstrong created a Himalayan landscape at Cragside so we want to collect your dreams in a similar way.

For more information on Events at Cragside, check out our website and click “things to see and do”


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