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Tick Tock, I’m Windin’ The Clocks

February 25, 2013
Winding the Boudoir Clock

Winding the Boudoir Clock

At Cragside we have 13 clocks on display in show rooms which are wound weekly during the season, between March and November. When the House closes for the winter, the clocks are allowed to stop and have a little rest.


Clock Box

Clock Box


 As the new season is almost upon us, I’ve spent my afternoon winding, correcting and starting the clocks. We have a handy box, known as the “clock box” for obvious reasons, which holds winding keys for all the clocks in the House. It also holds a file, in which I record things like how many turns of the key it took to fully wind each clock and any errors in the time it keeps i.e. whether it is fast or slow and by how many minutes.

 Sometimes it’s not a case of mere minutes; we have a clock in the Billiard Room which was bought about three years ago to make the room feel less bare. It’s an Ansonia, and is the same design as an original clock which lives on the Dining Room mantle piece. Unfortunately though it’s got the look, it’s rather hopeless. It’s corrected every time I wind it, but it manages to gain four or more hours each week and the chimes always end up out of sync too.

 All went smoothly today, apart from one clock which I haven’t been able to start. I’ll have to ask Katherine to have a look; she did the clocks for several years before me so I’m sure she’ll have a trick to get it going.


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