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Red Dressing Room Update

January 25, 2013

The blog has been rather quiet of late, I do apologise. In my defence, the pesky snow has meant I haven’t made it to work much in the last fortnight.

We’ve done a few basic bits of remedial conservation on some of the objects. For example, the Tall Boy which was directly under the leak suffered some splashes up its right hand side. We’ve been able to return it to its former glory with a slightly damp cloth to remove surface residue, followed by a fresh coat of wax. The drawers for it will be looked at by a furniture conservator, who should hopefully be able to fix the inlay and veneer which had lifted.

Rusty Fire Curb

Rusty Fire Curb

We also had to do some conservation on a metal fire curb (above) which had started to rust. We used a very fine grade of wire wool to remove the bulk of the rust, followed by a mildly abrasive cleaning paste called Peek, which is applied by brush and buffed off, and finally a coat of micro crystalline wax to protect the metal.

The room itself is still being slowly dried out.


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