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Storage Wars

January 9, 2013

We’re having a replica settle made for the Dining Room. The original settle will go into storage to make way for the replica, which will be available for visitors to sit on and have an Armstrong moment. I say Armstrong moment, as we have an oil painting in which Lord Armstrong is pictured sitting on the settle reading a paper, with a small dog at his feet. We can’t do anything about the dog, but we can let people have a seat.

 This morning we went back into the tower to make way for the original settle in Furniture Store 4. Space made, we went down to the Dining Room to start the process of moving it upstairs. Between Amy, Philip and I we got it up the main stair case and along the corridor towards the Red Landing. We then took it up a further set of reasonably wide stairs. Then our troubles really began.

 It was difficult to get it up the main stairs in the first place, it’s solid oak and weighs far more than we’d expected. Now it was heavy and a tight squeeze. The tower is a sort of spiral of small flights of stairs, which get narrower the higher up you go. Thankfully we only needed to get it up 1 flight. This is it in transit:


This is the view from where I was standing; you can see my hand in the foreground and Philip’s hands at the back:


 I should point out that we took photographs at points when we’d had to stop for a rest from the weight, not while we were trying to manoeuvre it!

 We began to despair when we reached the floor with the store rooms, we got the blinking thing into such a position that we couldn’t fit it past the bannister and for a time thought we would have to take it all the way back down. Then we had a moment of clarity, flipped it over (I’m making that sound easy. It was most certainly NOT), and got it through.

 Here’s a photo of me doing my best look of triumph:


 It took 40 minutes to get from the Red landing to the landing in the photo, we were ready for our lunch afterwards.


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