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Kitchen Range part 2

November 23, 2012

So now you know how we have raised money to begin work on the range, I had better tell you what’s happening to move the project forward!

We spoke to food historian Ivan Day earlier this year, amongst other things he was able to recommend to us a man to restore our range, Tim Martin. Mr Martin is a busy chap and our diary was hectic too, so we only managed to get him here to have a look at our range last week.

L-R Katherine (House Steward), Andrew (Conservation Officer), Paul (House Manager) and Tim Martin (Range Man) on top of the range.

 Tim was able to give us a lot of insight in to how the range would have been used, which oven was for what and so on. He seems to think the task of restoring it is achievable, thank goodness! He did note however, that the range has at some point been painted and all the paint will need to be removed before using the range. He has offered to undertake the task when the House reopens, to allow our visitors to see the restoration in action.

 So that’s where we are up to now, we’ll keep you informed of the exact dates Tim will be working so you can come and have a look at what he’s doing if you fancy.


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