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Kitchen Range

November 21, 2012

The National Trust runs a property raffle each year and Cragside always takes part. Each property sets a project to raise money for, so every pound raised at the property stays with that property. The Trust also does a double money deal, so for every £1 ticket sold here (after the first £500), they fund match. This means we can raise a significant amount towards a project which might otherwise never be done.

 Over the past season we used the property raffle to raise money to refurbish the original Victorian range in the Kitchen. Paul (House Manager) fitted a small modern oven within the old oven and we had some volunteers in costume baking every Wednesday throughout 2012.

Mrs Beeton

They ladies used recipes from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, a book originally written in the 1860’s and updated & re-released throughout the Victorian period, to show authentic Victorian food being cooked. Our Tea Room even provided samples of the same recipes for the public to try.

Theresa Hanlon, one of our volunteer Cooks

Having the volunteer Cooks really helped us to sell raffle tickets and our visitors were really enamoured with the idea of having authentic Victorian food being cooked, and were keen to help us raise the money we need for the range. Including the National Trusts match funding, we managed to raise about £11,000. We are thrilled with the total and are very grateful to everyone who bought tickets and to all the volunteers who sold them this season.

Check back later this week to see how we’re progressing with the range project.


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