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Busy Busy

November 12, 2012

Today the four of us have split up and gotten on with lots of jobs. We’ve had two volunteers, Joan and Ginny, in packing away the small objects and being a pair of total legends they just carried on and got a lot of the furniture cleaned and covered too. Philip (Conservation Assistant) and I (Alex, also a CA) cleaned high level in the lobby area outside the Library. This involves a large step-ladder to reach the tops of picture frames, the light fitting and the stained glass windows.

Amy (Assistant House Steward) and Katherine (House Steward) carried on where the volunteers left off last week in the Drawing Room. You can see in the photo below that the room is now pretty much packed up, so we’ll be able to get in and do high level in there later this week.


This afternoon Philip packed and cleaned the Plunge Bath single-handed, while I helped Amy and Katherine in the Drawing Room. All in all it feels like we’ve had a productive day as I’ve also gotten through a mountain of ironing. Most rooms have white blinds up at the windows which come down to be washed in readiness for the following season. We have limited drying space though, so I have to be quick to get them ironed and packed away so that the next set can go up to dry.


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