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House Now Closed

November 8, 2012

On Tuesday we had our annual “Behind the Stanchions” event for house volunteers. Usually our Room Guides rotate around 10 of our 30 show rooms, so they don’t get to spend much time in many of the rooms. For this one day each year we remove all the barriers and the volunteers can go freely through each room. Of course they are pre-warned that they are not to touch, but the house team wander round and can open objects so the volunteers can have a closer look if they want.

This day is much looked forward to by many of our volunteer team, as it’s also an opportunity for them to see our store areas. We use the old female servants’ tower for storing furniture, archival material, textiles and everything in between.

The highlight of the tower is the very top, where the reward for climbing 90 odd stairs is a balcony with an incredible view of the Iron Bridge to the right and Simonside hills off the edge of the estate to the left.


 Yesterday we began to “put the house to bed”, which just means we pack away all the small items, clean and cover the furniture and clean the room from the ceiling down. So far we’ve completely finished the Study, Garden Alcove and Japanese Rooms and volunteers have started in the Drawing Room too. We’re off to a flying start! Here is a photo of the Study in her Pyjamas:Study, Cragside


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